Dr. Carrie Bunger

DVM, Owner


I have called Madison home for the last 18 years, having lived previously in Nebraska, Indiana, and Montana. I graduated from Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) in 2001, with a major in biology and minors in Chemistry and Psychology. Seeking a new adventure, I moved to Madison to work in a research lab, but, always wanting to be a veterinarian, returned to school and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-School of Veterinary Medicine in 2010. 

Since graduating, I have mainly focused on preventative care in general practice with cats, dogs, and pockets pets. However the opportunities do not cease there. This career field has led to a wide variety of experiences from ER medicine to additional training in anesthesia/analgesia to cat-only practice to even mentoring pre-veterinary students on a study abroad program in South Africa. Veterinary medicine is always an adventure!

My interests include running (especially with my dog), swimming, quilting, fishing, Wisconsin sports (Go Bucky! Go Pack Go!) and traveling. I have visited South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Canada, France, and, most recently, Australia, where I went scuba diving along the Great Barrier Reef. My house is full of activity with one husband (Matt, an assistant professor at UW), one dog (Ubu), and three cats (Striker!, Vinnie, and Roxy, aka Tootsie).

Kind Words

Taking cats to the vet is a nightmare! All three of mine get car sick and extremely anxious in the carrier, even during a 5 minute car ride. Being able to have the vet come to them has been nothing short of a lifesaver!! Thanks Dr. Bunger! 😀

Dr. Carrie is very comforting. I was afraid after losing Dr. Lisa that I would not feel the same way about the new Dr. She is a great. She answers ?’s and seems to have your animals health at heart. She comes to you. My cats were nosey and she let hem roam around. lol She is great

My pup hates car rides and is fearful overall, so a neighborhood vet who drives to me is perfect. I really appreciate that Dr. Bunger is responsive when I have questions, appointments are easy to schedule, her advice and care are sound, she’s always able to handle and encourage my scaredy dog, and their online reminder system is great. And if you’re in Midvale Heights, ask about a neighborhood discount!

 Love, love, love Paws n Claws. After over a year of trying to get our old vet to listen to our concerns of a possible nail infection in our cat Paws n Claws was able to help us make a diagnosis and start a treatment plan! Our pretty little lady is on her way to feeling better and finally is getting back to only kind of hating getting her nails trimmed.

Highly recommend them to anyone, especially with cats. 🤗